photo by Terry Cockerham

For Irving’s sixth-grade orchestra students… a chance to be there for a working rehearsal!

We didn’t know how much excitement First Tickets would create until we saw their faces.  These sixth graders coming onstage to watch a rehearsal and concert just for them, were beginning their own “careers” as orchestra musicians. And they were going to get a look up-close, onstage, at how an orchestra rehearses.

They could even interrupt the conductor and ask questions (They did.) Last year, students came from four more of Irving ISD’s 8 middle schools – de Zavala, Austin, Lamar and Travls– as the five-year-old program included both spring and fall programs.

It was all possible with a major grant from the Granville C. and Gladys H. MortonFund, Communities Foundation of Texas. 

And these sixth-graders could bring their entire families for a “Sundays at the Symphony” concert!